There's a great chance that if you have herpes and are going on dates, you shouldn't brag about your relationship with a former President of The United States.

Former CEO of Calvin Klein Jeans, Arnold Simon is now being sued by a woman who claims that she was infected with herpes by the fashion kingpin—stemming from a date that was arranged on the online dating service, The New York Post reports.

To score this (not so) sweet moment with the said woman, Simon bragged about his relationship with former POTUS, Bill Clinton. Simon claimed that he had lunch earlier in the day with Clinton, the woman said.

Also, Simon thought highly of his personal looks. “He wrote an e-mail that he was very handsome and tall and a well-built man. He refers to himself as looking like Humphrey Bogart.” The woman said.

We're not sure where this case will lead, but it definitely will go down as one of the most ratchet moments in fashion history.

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[via NY Post]