There's always been that "trickle down" effect from high fashion. Like the long-winded speech given by steely-eyed Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada, it's evident that designer collections from each season are a great way to gauge what we'll see coming out from mall brands, big retailers, and even cult streetwear labels. Whether these designers subconsciously reach the same conclusion in the process, or there was some direct inspiration can't really be confirmed. After all, lots of factors go into what makes a "trend," whether it's the fabrics on offer from different mills, to a certain color just fitting the mood for a season.

What can be definitely be gleaned is that what editors see on fashion week runways are clear predictors of the looks we'll see in stores. To prove our point, we sifted through some designer collections from the Spring/Summer 2013 season and compared them to similar trends and pieces from other labels. Whether you choose to go the high-end route or the less expensive route, here are 10 Runway Trends You Can Actually Afford.

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