This/Right Here/Is my/OLD MAN SWAG/AYYYYE. I was about to break out into full on based freestyle mode up on this bitch, but the bossman is the biggest Debbie Downer out right now. Actually, these New Balances would be perfect for that guy. He’s like 25, which is old as fuck. Hang ‘em up dude, you’re done, finished, kaput. Also, these New Balances would help out your walk 1,000,000 times over. Isn’t 25 the age where you just give up on being cool and start wearing New Balance anyways? Actually, he’s wearing a pair of Air Force 1 mids right now. That’s quite the quintessential “I grew up in the early 2000’s listening to 'Tip Drill'” sneaker right there. He’s the boss for a reason, people.