Design Credits: Telfar, Under.T

Born in Queens, Telfar Clemens' designs toe the line between streetwear and high-fashion with a global perspective. That might've been gleaned from a childhood spent in Liberia. His clothing has a transformer-like quality, like the detachable fleece suit in his latest collection. There's hints of pragmatism mixed in with a little bit of street-savviness and workwear vibes. Indigo jeans are reinterpreted with two-toned fleece, hoodies look less athletic and more like body armor.

While there's a bit of whimsy, there's also a cool guy vibe to everything, as Clemens' upbringing and exposure to various subcultures while moonlighting as a DJ brought him into contact with many different styles—all which provide their own influence on Clemens' approach to clothing design. He also has his diffusion line, Under.T, which offers re-interpreted basics like sweats and tees.