The East Coast is beyond hot in the summer time, and often muggy as hell. Here's a little tidbit: skaters hate shorts, most of the time. Pants protect shins from grip tape, sharp tail edges, and stone ledges. So how do you combat the tropical heat? Rock a tank top.

Keenan Milton, Josh Kalis, Rob Welsh, and Brian Wenning all pulled off the affectionately titled "wife beater," which can be troublesome for most dudes. It really helps to be dirtbag skinny. Also, the lightweight garment can be easily tucked into a back pocket if the weather gets unbearable.

Normally a frowned upon clothing item, the tank top has seen a huge resurgence in the streetwear community. And don't lie, we know you probably rocked one at Coachella. It only takes a brief browse through Karmaloop to see an abundance of graphic tank tops. And it's not a far stretch to say that East Coast skate culture helped influence that style.