Skateboarding didn't start the sports jersey or throwback trend. Duh. And there tends to be anti-sports or "bro" sentiment in skate culture. Skaters vs. jocks, it's always been that way. So it isn't insignificant that a handful of skaters actually popularized sports jerseys and sports-related clothing. Suburban skate rats were ostracized because of their clothes and hair, but in the '90s, thanks to the influence of hip-hop and a few pioneering pros, that started to change.

While Raekwon proclaimed, "rock a fly jersey in the summer time, god," Brad Johnson, Rob Welsh, Stevie Williams, and Vinny Ponte did exactly just that. The skaters were able to intersect sports and skate culture like no one else had before. And sports manianc Eric Koston? Yes, his roots are in the West Coast, but the man's style got props all over the East.

We can't help but think that skaters wearing sports jerseys also made it cool for people who hated jocks to start rocking and collecting Jordans as well. The reach of this trend is probably bigger than we can realize, so just enjoy it for what it was. A groundbreaker.