Matt Troy

Maybe Matt Troy is just a spammer or a troll, or maybe he is a great artist. His Twitter profile describes him as a “real person,” so I’ve got my doubts about that. But nonetheless, Troy or the person behind the person seems to know what he is doing. In addition to posting photos dealing with our digital existence to Instagram, GIFboom, and Tumblr, Troy brings his art to new audiences on Instagram by commenting on people’s photos and including his art, which often consists of patterns or figures made up of text, characters, or emoji. Using characters that he can type to form his work means that Troy can insert his work into anyone’s Instagram stream by simply commenting on their photos with his art. Recently, Troy posted a comment on the Instagram of Jayson Musson (the man behind the Hennessy Youngman character), at which point Musson compared Troy’s comment to the net art version of graffiti. I don’t think Musson was being serious, but I do think he was somewhat right.