This sweater is THICK. Like, really thick. Like, how I like my women after many, many, many, many Natty Lights* thick. Man, if I told you the type of chicks I’ve succumbed to I would officially become the lamest writer for this site, so I’m skipping that, unless of course I'm already the lamest, in which case hit me up on Tumblr or whatever. This sweater is so thick I’m pretty sure it’s not even a sweater. Once a sweater hits a certain number of oz’s it should just be considered a coat. How could someone possibly fit this under their coat? They can’t because it’s impossible. Head on over to Need Supply and basically buy the entire lamb without any of the delicious meat inside for $207.

*Yeah, no typos on that, I stay drinking Natty Light. As of the time of publishing this post I am, indeed, still poor.