In 2012 you probably discovered some exciting shit like cooking and brewing your own coffee. You’re telling everyone about how amazing black truffles are and how Sriracha needs to be in every restaurant in America. Single origin coffees make you go crazy and you own a tiny digital scale like a responsible drug dealer from the suburbs. In 2013 you’ll get really into furniture and art and shit like that. Posters are cool, man! And no, not the ones you buy at the poster sale everyone goes to the first week of college. Leave Bob Marley and that weird tapestry you bought on clearance from Urban Outfitters in the burn pile. Instead, buy this vintage school poster. When she comes over, tell her about how you wanted to be a Marine Biologist (all girls at some point wanted to be Marine Biologists) and that science was always your favorite subject. Then say, “But, really, I bought it because I find it just so beautiful.” King shit, bitches.