The 25 Most Powerful People In Streetwear

3. Greg Selkoe

Who He Is: CEO, Karmaloop

Love him or hate him, Greg Selkoe is the king of mass-distributed streetwear. While some accuse Karmaloop for "killing streetwear" by taking it mainstream, others say he democratized the industry. Beyond graphic tees and small brands, Selkoe knows how to turn a dime into diversified dollars—just look at his newer ventures like PLNDR, Boylston Trading Co, and Brick Harbor. He even lets smaller brands get a piece of his pie, thanks to Karmaloop's Kazbah consignment program. Whether he's hailed as a shrewd businessman or the game's biggest sellout, it's clear that as long Selkoe is the one steering the ship, Karmaloop will continue to reel in boatloads of money.

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