Kanye West arrived at the Maison Martin Margiela wearing a red balaclava that brought back memories of the two masks he wore at an Atlantic City show back in late December. Obscuring most of his face, the bright red piece stuck out on his otherwise monochromatic outfit that consisted of a long black trenchcoat, all-white everything underneath, and Visvim moccasins. We were waiting for Kanye to pull out the stops at Paris Fashion Week, and he took the Margiela runway show as the prime opportunity to do so.

Kanye's no stranger to visage-coverage, adding this red mask to his collection alongside the crystal Maison Martin Margiela crystal face mask from the brand's Fall 2012 haute couture presentation and a feather face mask. This is the second occasion that Kanye's adorned his dome with a unique garment, and it'll only take one more face-adornment before this is put to the test of the old adage: does three times make it a trend?

[via Miss Info