This is a Thom Browne zip-up hoodie. I know I’m supposed to be, like, somewhat sartorially inclined, but I have no fucking idea how this is any better than your hipster girlfriend’s American Apparel sweater. It’s just like every other 100% cotton zip-up sweater out there, but cost 10x the price. I don’t care, whatever boats your float. The best part about these sweaters is the copywriters that have to say something extravagant about them to try and sell them. Like, this guy from End Clothing said, “This Hoody is an example of how he successfully extends his style beyond tailoring.” Dude, it’s a sweatshit dipped in grosgrain with a fucking hood thrown on it. Trust me when I say no amount of sweet talk/con artistry is going to get me to drop 4 bills on this. Sorry, bro.