Andrew Huang is a Los-Angeles based experimental film maker and commercial and music video director. He is getting a lot of attention in the film world, recently winning the Special Jury Prize for Experimental Short at the 2012 Slamdance Film Festival. One of his projects, entitled "Solipsism," displays the true power of imagination—along with colorful dust, computer generated imagery and photography. In 10 minutes, the film maker creates a technicolor fantasy that is a complete dream to look at.  
Solipsism is defined as a theory that the only verifiable existence in the world is the self. The film explores existence in three tangential scenes; characters explore spaces and try to find unity. The first scene depicts undulating dancers being overcome with a living multicolor cloth. Afterwards, puppets that resemble underwater lifeforms that can be pretty trips at moments. The final scene contains two males with faces and midsections that disintegrate like sand. As a whole, the artist boldly traverses a metaphysical landscape, creating a visual and audio experience worth looking at.
Recently, Huang also worked with Bjork on a music video for her single, "Mutual Core."