The best way for me to properly illustrate this whole high-end fashion designer parody tee craze is to make an analogy: It's basically like your girlfriend's undergrad lesbian phase. When you first hear about it all you can think about is how fucking amazing it is. Things then take a turn for the troubling as it becomes painfully clear that a potential new threat to your blissful happiness has emerged. And eventually it's all over and you're alone, knee deep in a vicious crying/masturbation cycle of self-destruction. Where we are in this whole process with the aforementioned T-shirts is hard to say. I'd surmise we're at step two, but dangerously close to the edge of the cliff that is wildly depressing masturbatory pleasure. COI obviously doesn't give a shit about any of this because they are making extremely aggressive maneuvers within the confines of the paint, as evident by their quip-heavy collection of tees. At the very least, these joints are perfect for exaggerating how many times you've been to New York City. Fronting aside, I LOL'd at "Ill Slander".

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