For a designer, one of the biggest signs of success is being hired by clients for your specific point of view. Anthony Burrill has been commissioned by everyone, from private advertising firms to public service agencies internationally. The British illustrator is one of the driving forces behind the renewed appreciation of typography. He also happens to be the creator of the popular "Work Hard and Be Nice to People" poster.

Burrill's up-beat, minimalist designs have gained the designer quite a following. His "glass half full" sensibility and catch phrases are often used by creatives as posters for daily inspiration. Burrill's colorful simplicity has managed to crossover into other mediums. His works also include prints, film, moving image, and 3-dimensional works. 

Admired in the art and design community, his works have been displayed in group and solo exhibitions from London's Kemistry Gallery to the Graphic Design Museum at Breda. He has also lectured at and lead workshops at creative institutions. Fans of his work can follow his regularly updated Tumblr. 

[via ItsNiceThat]