When people say "oh, I could have thought of that," chances are they aren't talking about Casha Ca's Dot Tech Jacket. And if they are, they are the most dishonest person you have encountered in your life, and should be immediately cut-off from all future interactions. We're kidding. Still, this jacket is the sort of mind-blowing outerwear that makes us hate the fact we don't have dual Japanese citizenship. Seriously, a polka dot cotton twill hooded jacket with suede elbow patches is absurd in the best way possible. Fortunately for us, there's this super cool store called Union LA that takes pride in stocking the most official shit way before anyone else. And if you have $448 dollars in your spring outerwear budget, you'd be a fool not to purchase this jacket. But if you want to think the decision over a little longer, put this link as your homepage.

[via Union LA]