So it's no secret that Michael Jordan isn't a style icon in 2012, but when His Airness was first bringing home championships to Chicago in the '90s his style was on par with his court skills. How can you contest the man who brought us the now ubiquitous Air Jordan brand? And it turns out that MJ could've been even steezier than what the evidence shows. In the first photo from a 1991 SNL hosting gig, Jordan is wearing a piece from a diffusion brand that never came to be called Jordan Beyond. Intended to be less sporty and more fashion-forward than Air Jordan, it sadly never saw the light of day.

Who knows if having his hand in this pot would've steered him clear of the outfits we see him rocking in 2012, but MJ could seemingly do no wrong back in the '90s. We're not sure what happened to MJ to put him on the current style path he's on, but seeing him in these pics brings us back to his glory days.