Port Magazine recently caught up with Simon Hageman of Très Bien Shop and Cristopher Nying and Jockum Hallin of Our Legacy to talk about their new collaborative label Welcome. They discuss the reason for starting the brand, the concept behind it, and more.

As you know, Welcome was launched a few weeks ago. Based on the previews we've seen, the brand looks to bring together menswear and streetwear.

Read the excerpts below and check out the full interview here.

Why launch a separate label next to Our Legacy?

Jockum Hallin: We believe it’s a great opportunity to try new ideas on a different platform. It’s also an interesting challenge to do something that can stand for itself from the start since we do not use Our Legacy or Très Bien in the labelling of Welcome.

What are the main differences?

Cristopher Nying: We see this very objective and try not to be influenced by the Our Legacy and Très Bien aesthetics. The main difference is that we are working together, from the same platform, sitting under the same roof for Welcome.

What’s Welcome’s sartorial message?

Jockum: It’s a middle finger to all your staples collecting dust in the wardrobe.

How would you define the collection?

Cristopher: The collection is influenced by classic garments that’s been enchanted and bewitched – they’ve become poisoned by hallucinate drugs.

How would you explain the collection to people, what’s its USP?

Simon: There are no rules for Welcome; it’s a razor sharp suit next to a pair of gym pants; we can do whatever we want with this project. With Très Bien, we already have a formula of how do things so this gives a safe haven to be creative. For A/W12, everything seems to be on drugs, but look a little bit closer and things are not always what they seem.

[via Port Magazine]