Bild Architects designed the Blurred House in Melbourne, Australia as part of "studies into the adaptation of vernacular Australian suburban typologies." That's a fancy way of saying the house represents a response to the old vs. new attitude present in architecture circles. They decided to combine them. The "old" style exists in the front of the house, and the "new" style exists in the back. There's a clear separation between the classic and contemporary, but it works. Bild says,

"Viewed from the street, the house appears largely unchanged, with a small clerestory window the only hint of reconfiguration. Both internally and externally; moving through the house, new materials, spatial characters and formal language is progressively introduced. By the time of arrival in the back yard, the house has evolved into a different building; no longer recognizable from its original starting point; an architectural ‘rabbit in a hat’."

[via Contemporist]