You know when your friends say things like, “I’m all about high fashion now, B. Fuck that tailored gang shit. Fuck that cardigan and T-shirt combo. Fuck that effeminate scarf shit. Fuck that lumberjack shit”? And you want to call their bluff on such grandiose statements? Well this here Raf Simons accessory (?) is how you call your newly avant-garde converted friends out. I guess it's like a weave for your jacket or some similar shit. Apparently, lapel flowers are out and rainbow waterfall weaves for your Boglioli stash are in. Do you think white bloggers will call start calling these "extensions" instead of "weaves"? SERIOUSLY, SOMEONE ANSWER THIS AGE OLD QUESTION: WHY DO WHITE GIRLS INSIST ON CALLING THEM EXTENSIONS? Answer that and you probably can answer who the fuck would buy this for 136 Pounds.