Il Clan Del Wu? Oh you know, just a piece of photographic work you should probably own. Alessandro Simonetti was in Rome in 2010 for the Wu Tang reunion show, which means 96 pages of photographs from a Wu show. How can you pass that up for 15 bucks? What’s the last thing you bought for 15 bucks? It probably wasn’t worth it unless it was a delicious, overpriced sandwich. But a bunch of photos of Method Man, Rae, GhostFace and GZA? C’mon son, that shit is worth at least double the asking price. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE BARGAIN YOU ARE GETTING HERE? Not into the Wu Tang Clan? I’M SORRY. YOU CAN GO FALL OUT OF THE HOLE IN THE OZONE LAYER AND FLOAT TO URANUS. NOT LIKING WU TANG IS BASICALLY NOT LIKING HUMANITY AND ITS ABILITY TO CREATE CULTURE. Go to Reed Space, in person or virtually, and buy yourself some credibility.