In 1897 Abraham 'Bram' Stoker penned his best-selling novel, Dracula. The Irish author is like the Rakim of the vampire genre, a godfather to Trueblood, and most certainly, the person to blame for all this Twilight shit we've had to endure over the recent years. Today, the world celebrates what would have been Bram's 165th birthday (which isn't that old if you're a vampire). If you've noticed today's Google Doodle, you can see a sweet graphic inspired by the late novelist's famous masterpiece, but we've found something you might have more interest in: the original desk the author used to write his century-old classic. The desk was preserved over the years by Stoker's friend, J.S.R Phillips, and was later sold to a current owner who commissioned a British luxury furniture designer to make minor improvements and embroidery. 

The desk will be auctioned of by Profiles in History, as part of its Hollywood Auction on 15-16.

[via BornRich]