Do you travel a lot? No? Do you want to travel a lot? The one thing about frequent travel that sucks is staying organized. Especially if you’re like me and "organized" is generally defined as “I kinda know where most of my shit is. I think.” Thus, at the end of a particularly long time abroad, I generally can’t fit everything back into the bags I brought it in. I have no idea how this happens, but it happens every time. Also, generally the hotel room looks like a bomb of effeminate patterns and wool went off. And I constantly forget a jacket in the hotel closet. You know, on one of those weird anti-theft hangers? Evidently, Lexdray heard my plight and created the London Garment bag. I’ve always wanted a garment bag because I never fold my jackets right and that video Peskowitz did for is hard to find now. I always associated garment bags with old white dudes who refuse to check their golf clubs and shit, but not anymore. This joint has four adjustable shelves, a removable valuables pouch (I got mad valuables, son) and garment bag. Now when you check into your room and unpack, you’ll look like a cool assassin methodically re-checking your equipment, which is an upgrade for me. I’m normally frantically trying to get the door closed before I take that wicked post-travel dump. I’m scared to poop on airplanes.