Location: Beirut, Lebanon
Notable Businesses: The Angry Monkey, Coop D'Etat Rooftop, Concerto

Beirut has a bohemian culture, and it's nestled in Gemmayze, an older area populated with narrow streets and gorgeous buildings from the French era. It's also full of bars and pubs, though there are very few nightclubs in the area, which lets you know it hasn't been heavily commercialized. Still, there's always Concerto, which is one of Beirut's most well-known Arabic nightclubs. Zinc is the best place to hear a good (yet odd) mixture of hip-hop, jazz and pop music, and is a primary destination for young professionals. Most bars are located on Gouraud St., which is particularly narrow because it was created long before the invention of automobiles. Save yourself the trouble and don't drive down it.