Kicking off the third season of Mr. Porter's "The Way I Dress" video series is the illustrious Nick Sullivan, fashion director at Esquire. Mr. Porter got an inside look at Nick's Brooklyn digs along with his approach to getting dressed. Nick reveals that his first foray into this thing called "fashion" was when he wanted a pair of Levi's jeans as a teen because that's what all the cool kids were rocking. Editors, they're just like us! Being that it was England in the 1970s, he settled for some "shiny, vaguely denim-looking slacks" which, as you can imagine, pretty much looked like shit.

And so began his sartorial journey regarding the difference between things that look right and things that are right. Nick goes on to explain that, "There's a thirst for something that's sort of your own that's authentic that not everybody has, and that really fuels a lot of men's clothes. You kind of want them to be right before you want everyone else to know what they are." His short list of dont's? Tie clips. He doesn't necessarily hate tie clips, he just hates the people who wear them. Do you wear tie clips? If so, Nick Sullivan hates you.