Saturdays has seriously upped their apparel game for F/W 12. Creating a line of jackets that will have you covered from November to March, the kings of pretending anyone actually surfs in NYC will have all of your casual cool IDGAFAS looks VVVV warm. Kids these days, too lazy to even come up with creative Internet abbreviations and shit. Remember when you just had the LOL or the NM option in an AIM chat? Then ROFL came along and fucked the game up. The best shit was when it took you 5 minutes to type out one sentence so it could Lo0K LiK3 Di$$$$. That stuff was so fucking lame it was actually cool I think. Now kids just capitalize the first letter of a word and expect you to know the rest. You guys should go B the S from Saturdays and F in the M with W jackets. See that? I just cursed you motherfuckers out and you didn’t even know it. Woah, wait a second, kids these days are actually fucking genius.