The GoodHood Store is celebrating its fifth anniversary by releasing a bunch of special collaborations and products. Namely, this umbrella. Key takeaway, it’s got wooden handle. You know shit is crazy classy when it has wooden handles. It also has pyramids printed on it. Why pyramids? I don’t know, they're probably on that Illuminati tip. Or, they just really like fucking pyramids, dude. I don't know shit about shit. Either way, you bought that suede blouson because you were trying to be all next level on the dudes still wearing varsities. But now it’s raining and suede and rain get along like Biggie and Pac. Get a sweet umbrella so you don’t run from the rain like the Wicked Witch of the West, who was a total biotch. Obviously all this crap is available at GoodHood. USE CONTEXT CLUES, SON, DAMN.