It’s not even winter yet and we're over here hitting you with S/S 13. I know that shit is crazy. I don’t even know what I’m gonna do tomorrow, let alone next fucking year. You know who does? Designers and PR people. They want you fiending for warm weather so you can finally wear those awesome cropped trousers. It’s like we’re all sheep or something, and they’re herding us into their boutiques and online shops. AND WE HERE AT FOUR PINS ARE VERY COMPLICIT IN THIS ACTIVITY. At least we’re not selling you cigarettes, although they are cool and menthol Newports will make women want to have babies with you. This S/S 13 collection is from Japanese brand Niche. It's perfect if you see yourself as a cool, laid back dude that doesn’t sweat things like health insurance, rent, cable or even women. The minute you stress, is the minute you lose. So get your nonchalant on. Next summer of course. See the rest of the collection at eyescream.