Yo, straight up, I'm not even gonna lie. I just realized I have a hard-on for Suitsupply when I noticed the only writer ever on Four Pins who writes about them is, well, me. I think some compensation should be in order, guys. Just kidding. You've heard it all before so I won't bore you with the details about what a great investment they are, but I would like to talk about their exclusive collaboration with Park and Bond for a second. They teamed up to redesign the classic double-breasted suit with all the bells and whistles a typical hashtag menswear guy would look for. And it's fantastic. It's fully lined and made with a super 130s nailhead wool (I have zero idea what the fuck that means) and apparently this sucker will carry you between late summer and fall, and we could all use reasons to rock our clothes more often. As its name implies, the "deconstructed double breasted suit" is made with super soft tailoring and the shoulders are a wondrous thing to behold. Genuine horn buttons and besom pockets round out this blogger-approved collab. It's available now exclusively at Park & Bond for $569 and you can also check out the different ways they style it.