Bobby Hundreds, co-owner and creative director of The Hundreds, normally uses his Tumblr to answer people's questions. Last night, he decided to share some knowledge for creative people in the context of social media. He underscores what's important, and it's pretty credible advice given how awesome and successful he and his brand have become. 

Part 1:

"The most important thing, for a creative person, is to have something to say.  All the technical skills, learned knowledge, social status, and financial resources mean little without it.  It’s what differentiates the artists from the revolutionaries, it’s what separates the proficient from the professional from the profound.  The best part about having something to say is that it’s not a skill to be acquired or a lesson to be learned or a friend to rub shoulders with or anything daddy can buy for you.  It’s derived from struggle and asserts itself through brave works of art and courageous tides of change. Yes, everyone is a photographer or a musician or a designer or a (fill-in-the-blank) these days. The software and tutorials and inspiration are free for all. But the ones who break away do so on the wings of rebellion, with purpose, with a belief that must be expressed."

Read part 2 on his Tumblr.