The British masters of fine taste over at Mr. Porter have done us the courtesy of breaking down the 10 iconic supercars that transcend the genre. Even if you're a casual car fan at best, these motoring heavyweights set the bar for their sheer excellence in all fields. And that's to be expected. I mean, think about it. Why would a brand put out their most expensive model if it wasn't going to absolutely dominate in everything from performance to design. Like watches, the best of the best cars do not disappoint. A Rolex is a Rolex much like a Ferrari is a Ferrari. There's a lot of big hitters on Mr. Porter's list, but has there ever been a cooler ride than Ferrari's F40 or Lamborghini's Countach (2 of 'em)?

The F40 was put together in just 12 months in honor of the company's 40th anniversary (that F40 moniker is making a lot more sense now, isn't it?) and was pretty much the first street legal "race car". As for the Countach, its game changing doors and aerodynamic shape blew everyone away upon its release, which is appropriate since "countach" is a regional Italian expression that attempts to articulate the feeling one gets upon seeing a beautiful woman. It's porn on four wheels that won't lead to any HR recommended workplace sensitivity training, which, in case you haven't had the pleasure of experiencing, sucks.