When you mention Japanese fashion, you’re more than likely to hear about Beams. It has been one of the most influential retailers in the past three decades, with its in-house brand Beams Plus serving as a visual and wearable component of the company's aesthetics. Post-New gives further insight into the brand by catching up with the director and chief buyer Shinsuke Nakada. Here are some shots of the current Beams Plus Spring/Summer 2012 collection, along with some excerpts of the interview. Visit the Post-New website to read the interview in full.

James Oliver: For those who don't know can you tell me what BEAMS is?

Shinsuke Nakada: BEAMS = HAPPY LIFE SOLUTION COMPANY. Our Company President Yo Shitara says, to know what's fresh, what's comfortable, what moves us, what expresses us. Provide reasonable and subtle items of happiness that bring dreams to life; items that bring us together in our personal, everyday space and time. To always seek excitement, and then to share. To lay a new set of rules that transcend tradition and prestige for those that enjoy quality in daily life. These are our roles. Keeping poised attention on time, we aim to be the leading force behind lifestyle and culture.

JO: How does it compare and compliment the other lines at BEAMS?

SN: BEAMS PLUS started in 1999 to house timeless men's clothing, remembering the good-old American styles that BEAMS grew up on. These original styles are kept alive in a lineup of original, imported, vintage pieces and accessories, while BEAMS PLUS is not merely revival or nostalgia, but instead a pursuit of authenticity in the next generation of casual wear.

[post-new via slamxhype]


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