Made in USA Sneakers

Key Years: Pre-2000s 
Price Range: Converse - $30-$230 on etsy, depending on size; Vans - $10-$140 on eBay, depending on size

Converse and Vans are two quintessentially American companies, which is why it's a damn shame that neither of them manufacture their goods stateside anymore. Vans closed down their Vista, California factory in 1998, shifting production overseas. Meanwhile, Converse held on for about three more years, until the company went bankrupt in 2001, and announced it was cancelling all domestic production. 

In the hands of big companies like Nike (Converse) and VF Corporation (Vans), both heritage sneaker brands are thriving businesses now, but unfortunately without their own domestic factories, a return to the heyday of made in USA sneakers are but a thing of the past. Figuring out if a pair was made here is easy enough: check the tag on the back of the shoe. It should say right there.