L.L. Bean Barn Jackets and Bean Boots

Key Years: Pre-2000s.
Price Range: Barn Jackets - $25-$150 on eBay; Bean Boots - $80-$450 on eBay

 This quintessential outdoor brand is easily found in a lot of thrift and vintage stores. You can't go wrong in buying any of their Bean Boots, which set the bar for the duck boot silhouette. Still made in Maine today, getting a pair secondhand won't cost a pretty penny. 

Occasionally, you can find L.L. Bean clothing items from the '80s and before that are really dope, like their barn jackets. They're a workswear staple that often got made into cool prints like floral patterns. Really old L.L. Bean pieces have a label modeled after Leon Leonwood Bean's own signature, which inspired the tags on the modern "L.L. Bean Signature" collection.