The Australian street art scene is on the rise. We've profiled Kid Zoom, who has had triumphant shows both home and abroad, and followed the fortunes of folks like Anthony Lister. With Young & Free: Contemporary Australian Street Art, they hit San Francisco this Summer alongside powerhouses MEGGS and DMOTE, proving the breadth of Australia's bustling scene.

These are the new stars though. And, Australian writers have been bombing trains and hitting walls since the 80's.

On Topsafe's recent trip to Sydney Australia, the guys had the good fortune to meet with Ozzie legend and top bloke, DMOTE. Here he gives us his top 25 writers in the history of graffiti in Australia. In his words, ""It would be hard to make any kind of numerical placements so I'm going to just mention them in no particular order and they're respective contributions."

The 25 Greatest Australian Graffiti Writers.