Amardeep Singh knows two things: taste and hustle. His site, BRRYBNDS, is a stream of rappers, chicks, and expensive grown-man streetwear shit, with just enough proper menswear to keep it well-rounded. By day he interns for our friends at Self Edge New York, where he may or may not be learning the fine art of recrafting old denim

His other venture, the cleverly-named BNDS, are cool, handmade bracelets in a variety of sizes that fit a great amount of wrists. Beaded bracelets have been hot for a while among the street style set, and these are pretty affordable at $15-$25 a pop. Cop a couple and wear them to make your timepiece pop even more, or consult The Complex Guide to Men's Accessories for a little extra help. [BNDS Bracelets]

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