On Tuesday, the Los Angeles Lakers announced that Magic Johnson was their new President of Basketball Operations. Along with this announcement, the team made it official that Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak would no longer serve their roles with the team. This was a major shakeup for the Lakers and basketball Twitter immediately was thrown into a firestorm of takes and old tweets. In particular, a number of Magic's old tweets were dug up. Now, if you follow Magic on Twitter, you know his persona. He's super positive and rarely takes shots at any players. 

In fact, he's almost too complimentary of players. With Magic now in charge, these tweets are even more hilarious than they were before. It's unclear how Magic will do running the Lakers, but we can only hope it's a bit better than some of his old tweets. 

For example. 

Oh boy. 

They keep going. We love you, Magic. 

Can't even say this one is a bad idea. 


Ok, you lost us, Magic.