Long before he was nicknamed The Process and became a legitimate NBA All-Star Game candidate, Joel Embiid tweeted at his dream bae, Rihanna. The man had gumption and solid Twitter game straight out of Kansas.

As his career has progressed, his social media posts have only gotten funnier. He provides a unique gift to fans: there are many professional athletes on Twitter, and a handful are funny, but a select few are both funny and actually really good. Embiid has potential to become one of the best big men in basketball, and he's already one of the best tweeters.

But there may be some bad news: Embiid sometimes worries that his Twitter activity will come back to haunt him one day, according to an interview he did Friday with CSN Philadelphia's Jessica Camerato.

“I think I kind of represent Twitter in the NBA,” Embiid said. “I like to think all the Twitter people, I represent them. But I never thought I would have this type of influence. I’m just trying to be me. If people enjoy it, that’s great.”

So, Embiid recognizes how great he is at tweeting, but...

“In the back of my head I think, ‘This is going to backfire at some point,’” Embiid said. “But before that day comes, I’m going to keep on going. When that day comes, I’m going to stop.”

Don't even think about deleting your account, JoJo. We need you. The sports world needs you.

Embiid has leveraged his 524,000 Twitter followers to gain votes for himself for the All-Star Game. He even got Triple H and several Philadelphia Eagles players to tweet his name in support.

Not everyone likes it, though. Hassan Whiteside shaded Embiid and said voting is a "gimmick" and players just "make jokes on Twitter" to get votes. 

Embiid, of course, had a great response.

How could you not love this guy? Trust The Process. Never delete your account.