Young aspiring basketball players should always learn from the best. As a child in grammar school, you are taught about the virtuous phrase "sharing is caring," and that mantra is applied to youth sports. One would guess that the progeny of an NBA legend like LeBron James is probably receiving the best advice that a youngster could ever have about how to spread the floor, attacking and moving the ball against a zone defense, setting screens to open get other players open, how to slip picks en route to the basket, skipping the ball for an extra pass for a better shot, et cetera.

But if you're a kid consulting Kobe Bryant, you're not going to get the same advice. In fact, you're going to get the antithesis of "unselfishness" from the guy who holds the third spot for the most shot field goals in NBA history on how to work in an offensive set. According to ESPN Los Angeles NBA reporter J.A. Adande, Kobe ran into LeBron Jame's mother Gloria in a hallway after the Cavaliers defeated the Lakers 120-108 on Thursday night. She mentioned LeBron's kids Bryce and Bronny, and Kobe quipped to her, "They pass too much. Send them my way, and I'll fix that."

Sure, Kobe's got 5 rings.  Apparently, in his head, he got them deservedly with this one-on-one mentality. There is no "i" in team, but as for Kobe's willingness to help LeBron's kids, you can't spell the word "team" without the letters "M-E."

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[via Bleacher Report]