Have you ever wondered what would happen if Conor McGregor took on Conan O’Brien in a UFC match? Probably not. Even though our last memory of McGregor is him tapping out against Nate Diaz at UFC 196 last Saturday night, it’s pretty obvious what would happen if a McGregor/O'Brien fight ever took place.

But it’s fun to watch Conan get obliterated by professional athletes in video games during his Clueless Gamer segments—remember what happened when he attempted to take on Marshawn Lynch and Rob Gronkowski in Mortal Combat X?—so take a look at the video above, which features him playing against McGregor in the new game, UFC 2. EA Sports cooked up a custom Conan character for O’Brien to fight McGregor with, and…OMG. He got destroyed. And then, he got destroyed again.

Towards the end of the clip, McGregor also told Conan exactly how he’d kick the crap out of him in real life if the two men ever fought. If you want to laugh a lot at the expense of Conan, check it out for yourself.

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