After hitting a big three-pointer against the Hawks on Monday night, Steph Curry shimmied in front of the Atlanta bench:

It seemed to be a little bit out of character for him, seeing as how Curry doesn’t usually try to show other players up. And truth be told, if someone like LeBron James did that, he would likely get destroyed for doing it.

After the game, Curry explained that his shimmy was directed at his former teammate Kent BazemoreBut it sounds like it might be even deeper than that. It seems Curry was just repaying Bazemore for shimmying at him the night before the game while the two were at Topgolf in Atlanta:

This tweet indicates that Bazemore did apparently beat Curry in a game of HORSE:

So this version of the story would make sense. And it would also show why it’s probably not a good idea to hang out with Curry and beat him at something on the night before you’re going to play basketball against him.

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