Earlier today, the Clippers agreed to trade Lance Stephenson to the Grizzlies in exchange for Jeff Green. On paper, it should make them a better team. But something tells us the Clippers are going to miss the antics that Born Ready brought to their locker room.

For proof of that, look no further than the excellent piece that The Orange County Register reporter Dan Woike just put together about Stephenson. He started it off with an amazing story about how Stephenson dented his custom white Chevrolet Camaro last month trying to do something that few other NBA players would have the gall to do. It was pretty dumb, but it also served as the perfect illustration of the kind of person/player Stephenson is. We’ll let Woike tell you about it:

A month ago on a sunny morning in Playa Vista, Lance Stephenson pulled into the Clippers practice facility in his custom white Chevy Camaro.

The car ahead of him had punched in the code and the security gate opened, and the car drove through.

Stephenson, just entering the driveway, saw an opening. He accelerated as the gate began to shut, hoping to sneak in.

But instead of the sensors recognizing the car, the gate continued to shut, crashing into Stephenson’s ride, leaving him, literally, partly in and partly out of the Clippers’ complex.

It’s a pretty apt metaphor for his eight months or so with the team.

I mean, does it get any more Lance Stephenson than that?



A photo posted by Lance Stephenson (@stephensonlance) on Dec 17, 2015 at 1:29pm PST

If you’re wondering, Woike asked Stephenson about the car recently, and he said that it’s “still dented.” Of course it is, Lance. Of course it is.

See you in Memphis.

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[via The Orange County Register]