Draymond Green is sorry. According to reports that emerged both during and after the Warriors/Thunder game on Saturday night—reports that were buried initially thanks to Steph Curry’s heroics—Green flipped out on Steve Kerr during halftime of the game. On today’s episode of ESPN First Take, Stephen A. Smith went as far as to say that he heard Green yelled, “MFer, come and make me,” after Kerr told him to sit down in the Golden State locker room:

Kerr himself spoke up about the incident today and said that the whole thing has been overblown. He also had this to say about the report SAS provided on First Take:

Ha. But regardless of what actually happened, Green apologized when he spoke with reporters today. He didn’t get into specifics, but he did tell everyone that what happened won’t happen again. Here’s his apology:

It seems like the Warriors have already moved past this, so can we all move on, too?

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[via Black Sports Online]