Last night, Paul Pierce played in what might end up being his final game in Boston. So before the game started, those who came to see Pierce’s Clippers take on the Celtics gave him a huge round of applause. His teammates also formed a circle around him and, er, helped him celebrate. The Associated Press described it like this:

Pierce was given the start by Clippers coach Doc Rivers Wednesday, which resulted in a huge eruption by the Garden fans when his name was announced. Pierce acknowledged them, raising his right hand before his teammates started playfully pounding on him.

But uhhhhhhh…were they really just “playfully pounding on him”? Or were they reenacting the time that Pierce got stabbed 11 times during a fight at a Boston nightclub back in 2000? There are some sports blogs that have covered what happened without mentioning the stabbing, but the look on Pierce’s face as his teammates started “attacking” him sure seemed to indicate that this wasn’t just some spontaneous act from the Clippers. It looked like they planned to do this and that Pierce was in on the joke, if you want to call it that.

Take a look at the clip above to see the strange celebration. Think the NBA will call the Clips today to ask about what was actually going on here?

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