Terrell Owens isn’t the only former NFL wide receiver who is making headlines today thanks to an appearance on ESPN. Chad Johnson visited The Worldwide Leader in Sports, too, and in his first appearance of the day, he stopped by Mike & Mike in the Morning to talk about a little bit of everything. But the most startling thing he spoke about was the remedy he used to employ to treat ankle sprains. According to him, he used to…well, let’s let him tell it, shall we?

“I would collect warm urine from my teammates, heat it up, and put my ankle in it for 30 minutes,” he said.

No, really, he said that. On national TV. Today. Video evidence above.

The player-formerly-known-as-Ochocinco isn’t the first athlete to use urine for medicinal purposes. But very few athletes have used other peoples’ urine to help them heal. This guy really is one of a kind…

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[via Black Sports Online]