In the seventh inning of last night's Game 5 between the Blue Jays and the Rangers, Texas scored on what was beyond a controversial call by the home plate umpire, and the fans in Toronto completely lost it.

As the catcher attempted to throw the ball back to the pitcher, it ricocheted off of the batter's bat, which meant that the play was live. The runner on third obviously knew the rules, because he immediately sprinted home. The umpire was unsure of how this should be handled, so he waived the play dead -- but the run was ultimately allowed to stand.

If you were a Blue Jays fan at that moment, you likely became immediately incensed. Those at the stadium certainly were, as evidenced by the throwing of cups of beer onto the field from the stands. The problem, though, was that the ones flying from the upper decks had no chance to make it onto the field, and ended up dousing the fans on the lower levels.

One such fan was a baby, so authorities tracked down the person who sprayed the kid with the beer and ended up arresting him, according to the Toronto Star.

Toronto police say a man has been charged with mischief after a baby was hit by the spray of a thrown beer can at Wednesday’s Blue Jays game.

Const. Victor Kwong says Albert Grummitt was arrested Wednesday night and has since been released. He is due in court on Nov. 24.

There were so many people throwing things that this person must have done so from a relatively close distance in order to be identified individually. Whatever the case, let this serve as a reminder that poor behavior at a live sporting event can land you in legal trouble, even if seemingly everyone else around you is doing the exact same thing.

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