Biggest pro football accomplishments: Spent nearly a decade in the AFL playing linebacker for the Oilers, Broncos, Jets, Dolphins, and Chargers
Biggest pro wrestling accomplishments: Won the National Wrestling Alliance U.S. Heavyweight Championship five times and spent time wrestling for a handful of promotions all over the United States
The key to his career change: He was traded to the Chargers by the Dolphins in 1968 after he got arrested for punching two police officers, but rather than suiting up for San Diego, he decided to start wrestling full-time.

McDaniel was known for delivering hard hits on the football field during his playing days. Hall of Fame quarterback Len Dawson once said that the the hardest hit he ever took came courtesy of McDaniel. So before he even retired from the AFL, he started wrestling during the offseason. And he eventually became a fan favorite and earned a spot in the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2010.