The Redskins are pretty bad this season. And all indications are that DeSean Jackson is not happy playing in Washington at the moment. So it should come as no surprise to hear that Jackson just revealed that he was thisclose to signing with the 49ers in the spring. It doesn't sound like they made him a contract offer, but according to him, he did have some initial conversations with San Francisco before inking a deal with the Redskins.

"I had some talks with them," he said during an interview this week. "General manager, Coach Harbaugh, things like that. It was a close call. I almost made the trip to come out there but, obviously, Washington did what they did and they kept me here and made everything right."

Jackson also said that, while he would have enjoyed playing on the West Coast where he was born and raised, he's glad he landed in Washington.

"At the end of the day, they made it right for me to stay here in Washington," he said. "Even though I'm born and raised in California, would love to be there and play there. It was a better fit and a better situation for me to be where I'm at now."

Ultimately, the Redskins paid up for Jackson's services, which is what he wanted. But still, doesn't it sound like he'd be much happier playing for the Niners right now?

[via Pro Football Talk]