Two days after “FatGate” began with Chandler Parsons’ new coach Rick Carlisle suggesting that Parsons was overweight, the Mavericks’ boss has issued a public apology for his comments.

Here’s what Carlisle said initially about Parsons, who struggled on Friday night in the Mavs’ loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder:

“He's working on losing some weight. He's a little heavier than he's been. He's up over 230 and we'd like to see him get down to at least 225. That's a work in progress. Tonight was one of those nights where I think the extra weight was a hindrance… I don't mean to call him out publicly. It's just a fact.”

This was obviously kind of unnecessary, but Parsons didn’t seem to mind. Indeed, yesterday he put to rest any rumors that he was anything but in excellent physical shape:



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This afternoon, Carlisle finally issued his apology:

“It was unfair and inappropriate to single out Chandler Parsons after the game Friday night. I have apologized to him and the entire team for this error in judgement. Not only is Chandler Parsons one of our best players, he is also one of our hardest working players and the kind of high character person we strive to bring to our city and franchise.

I also made it clear to our players and staff this morning that this type of bad example is not acceptable and beneath the dignity of a championship organization like the Dallas Mavericks.”

And with that, it’s time for a sandwich.

[via ESPN]