On Saturday night, Peyton Manning picked up the first taunting penalty of his NFL career. After throwing a touchdown, the Broncos quarterback jogged down in D.J. Swearinger's direction, got right up in his face, and directed an expletive in his direction. It was very, very un-Peyton Manning-like. But he did it because he wasn't happy about a hit Swearinger made on his teammate Wes Welker earlier in the game.

Manning is going to have a pay a price for doing it, though. A short time ago, the NFL announced that they have fined Manning $8,268 for taunting Swearinger. And Manning has already revealed that he will not appeal the fine.

"I accept it," he told ESPN's Chris Mortensen. "Money well spent."

It helps that eight grand is nothing to Manning. He could taunt every single player in the league, his own teammates included, and still have plenty of money left over. But something tells us this will probably be his first and last fine for taunting.

[via Eye on Football]